Hydrogen Energy


Why Choose Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is one of the simplest, most energy-dense elements available. As an energy carrier, hydrogen can improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, paving the way for a cleaner Earth.

Creating Clean & Renewable Blue Hydrogen

As the number one producer of biogenic gas in Wyoming, RenewH2 is commencing the revolution to carbon zero blue hydrogen. Biogenic gas is a safe, renewable natural gas produced by subterraneous anaerobic microbial systems living within water. We create blue hydrogen through a steam methane reformer and underground CO2 capture and sequestration. By capturing and sequestering the CO2 underground, we are successfully preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

Producing Renewable Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, via electrolysis of water. Green hydrogen is renewable and environmentally friendly because it does not create CO2 during the production or consumption of hydrogen. This hydrogen, along with blue hydrogen, can fuel vehicles and trucks to help accelerate a safer and cleaner transportation system.

Let's Fuel a Cleaner Path To Renewable Hydrogen Solutions

With blue and green hydrogen, we can create environmentally conscious energy for a healthier Earth. Join the movement to clean, renewable fuel sources with RenewH2.