A Renewable Hydrogen Energy Company

RenewH2’s projects will convert biogenic methane into blue hydrogen and ultimately utilize renewable energy sources to create green hydrogen. Employing the largest source of biogenic methane in the state of Wyoming, RenewH2 intends to provide key industries, including transportation, heat and power, and industry feedstock with an end-to-end hydrogen solution. With a team full of experts in the energy industry, RenewH2 is fueling the future with clean, sustainable hydrogen.

David T. Martineau, Chief Executive Officer

David Martineau has had a successful career founding, leading, and operating a wide array of companies, including oil & gas, environmental, transportation, and financial services. These companies include CM2, Inc., Martineau Petroleum, BWG/Triple10 Transport, and EnRes Resources.

Kevin Norris, Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Norris has 39 years of experience, primarily in the oil & gas industry, with various energy companies, including Apache Corporation, Universal Fuels Company, TOP Gas Gathering, and BlueCreek Energy.

Craig Camozzi, Chief Operating Officer

Craig Camozzi has over 40 years of combined oil and gas, minerals, and water industry experience. He has served as President and Chairman for companies engaged in oil and gas exploration, mineral resources development, and real estate industries.

Erik Hansen, Vice President of Operations

Erik Hansen has 25 years of experience in new and emerging energy technologies ranging from batteries to hydrogen generation and dispensing. After working at Chrysler as an engineer, Plug Power as Vice President of Sales and Hydrogen, Hansen has experience with a breadth of hydrogen technologies.

Chase Bentley, P.E., Chief Investment Officer

Chase Bentley has over 15 years of experience in various roles in the engineering, construction, and investment industry. Bentley worked for various companies, including Reset Energy, AECOM, Carollo Engineers, Enlink Midstream, and NTACT Operations.

Keith J. Knapstad, Vice President of Operations

Keith Knapstad has 34 years of experience within the oil and gas industry, with a specific focus on coalbed methane exploration and development.

Mike Coulter, Vice President of Land

Mike Coulter has 35 years of experience doing land work in the oil and gas industry. Before joining RenewH2, Coulter was the owner and general manager of Coulter Oil & Gas, LLC.

Let's Fuel a Cleaner Path To Renewable Hydrogen Solutions

With blue and green hydrogen, we can create environmentally conscious energy for a healthier Earth. Join the movement to clean, renewable fuel sources with RenewH2.